Many busy homeowners don't get back before nightfall to relax and enjoy their property. Landscape lighting enables homeowners to enjoy their outdoor areas after daylight ends. Make your property come alive 24 hours a day, every day of the year with a well designed landscape lighting system.

Landscape lighting can improve the safety of your property by deterring thieves from hiding in dark corners and highlighting tricky areas where your family might trip or fall.


Here are some of our lighting techniques we use to transform your property into a resort like environment:

  • Path and spread lighting using fixtures 2' high or less.
  • Accent and deck lighting to safely light steps, rails and highlight special garden areas.
  • Grazing lighting to accentuate textured surfaces like stucco and stone walls.
  • Uplighting on trees, artwork or sculpture.
  • Down lighting & moon lighting: Light cast downward from a tree through its branches to landscape features below creates shadows for natural effects.
  • Post Lighting to highlight key areas by installing light fixtures at fence areas.​